“Woke up to a brand new skyline
We licked our wounds and mourn the dead
Swallow the story hook and sinker
Is that what we meant when we said
That we never would forget?”

Broken Lungs by Thrice

Once you were an average kid. Someone’s child, someone’s brother, someone’s sister, someone’s boyfriend, someone’s girlfriend. You were loved.

Once you had a life. It might not have been much but it was yours.

Once you went to school, played sports, went to the mall, had a job, went camping, played in your band. Once you had a social life and friends.

Once you were a little bit different but those that knew you accepted you regardless. They didn’t care when you seemed to know what they were thinking, that sometimes things seemed to fall over if you got angry, that you could find things that were lost, that you knew of things that happened no one else did, that you had a way with animals no one else did, that machines and computers seemed to work around you when everyone else had written them off, that you had a fascination with fire and it seemed to be fascinated with you, that at times you could do things that seemed physically impossible for normal people to do.

Your parents received a letter. It stated that M-Corp was interested in you, you were what was termed a psi-latent, a special, a para-normal human. They could help you develop your talent, they had a school and you were invited to come and see it. They said that if you decided to join them then all your tuition fees would be paid, the best education money could buy was yours, your family would never have to want for another thing ever again.

Now everything is different, everything has changed. Waking up in a lab was the first clue. The next was the realisation that those strange things you used to do are different too, far more different. You don’t know how you know, but you can feel it. A tablet PC on a desk with a note attached that states play me. You are about to find out just how much things have changed.

Empty lab

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Children of the Apocalypse

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